Ways To Find More Balance in Your Evening Routine

Your evening routine is one of the most important routines of your day. Not only does it give you the time you need to take care of yourself after a long day of working and taking care of others, but having the simple structure of a routine in your life is a positive habit that can benefit the mind and body, especially to wind down your body and mind before bed.

Luckily, an evening routine doesn’t have to take hours or include complicated steps. The key to finding more balance in your evening routine is to do things you love that help you relax. This could be as simple as drinking your favorite tea or using your favorite skincare products while reading a book. 

If you aren’t sure where to get started, here are a few easy ideas on how you can find more balance in your evening routine

Why an Evening Routine Is Essential 

Balance in your evening routine has a lot of benefits. First, it lets you wind down for bed. If we stay in work mode long after we’ve left our jobs and responsibilities, we don’t give ourselves the time to slow down before bed. 

Without taking time to let go of the stressors of the day, our minds can end up racing long into the night, listing all the things we have to do the next day. This impacts our sleep schedule, stress levels and ultimately our physical and mental wellbeing. 

You come home from work and you get yourself ready for the next morning. You might get another burst of energy as you’re getting things done, but did you know it’s necessary for our minds and bodies to start winding down a few hours before we go to bed? An evening routine can help us begin this process.

Your evening routine also supports mental and emotional health. It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it much more difficult to keep up with the routines we hold in our lives. 

Even routines as simple as your work commute, a lunch break, or getting home to see your family at the end of the day have changed. It’s normal to feel the absence of these routines deeply. Holding onto your evening routine and investing in it is an excellent way to take care of your mental and emotional health. 


Finding balance in your evening routine can be very simple. If you don’t have a lot of time to rest and relax during the evening because you’re catching up on work or doing chores around the house, try winding down with aromatherapy. 

Light a candle in your home to enjoy the scent or use a room spray or diffuser. The best scents for relaxation are lavender, rose, chamomile, jasmine, bergamot, and jasmine. You can also stick to your favorite scent if you prefer, since it’s really all about what helps you wind down. 

If you’re looking for a relaxing scent to add balance to your evening routine, look no further than Terra Candles. With scents like Lavender Bergamot and Jasmine Fig, these fragrances will help you wind down and relax. Made with essential oils, these candles are handmade, vegan-friendly, and phthalate-free. 

Nighttime Tea 

We know you may enjoy drinking coffee, soda, juice, or even a mocktail (or cocktail) or two before bed, but the truth is that these can have an impact on your sleep. In order to get the most out of your evening routine, it’s important to avoid drinking caffeine or drinks with high sugar content too late in the day. 

Drinking decaffeinated or caffeine-free tea can be a great way to find balance in your evening routine without consuming too much caffeine or sugar. Plus, many teas come with a variety of health benefits so you can relax your mind and take care of your body. 

Below are four of the best caffeine-free teas to drink as you wind down for the night.

  • Valerian root tea: This tea contains valepotriates and sesquiterpenes, two compounds that act as natural sedatives. Drink this tea closer to your bedtime to help you unwind at the end of the day.
  • Chamomile tea: Chamomile tea is well known for being a great nighttime tea. Drinking a cup of chamomile during the evening or while you take a relaxing bath can help you balance your evening routine.
  • Lavender tea: Lavender’s benefits extend beyond aromatherapy to the world of tea as well and is shown to support mood and help you relax.
  • Lemon balm tea: If you enjoy drinking mint tea, you’ll enjoy lemon balm. It’s especially known for helping reduce feelings of restlessness during the evening and night, so if you find it hard to keep thoughts about work and your to-do list at bay, consider this tea.

At Home Spa and Self Care 

Your evening routine might still include some work, and that’s okay! Responsibilities often don’t stop, even when you get home from a long day. However, incorporating some form of self-care into your evening routine is an excellent way to rest, relax, and find balance even in the midst of your busy life.

There are a few ways you can prioritize self-care. First, you could treat yourself to a sort of at-home spa. Maybe you enjoy taking a warm bubble bath, lighting a few candles, and listening to your favorite smooth record. 

Maybe you’d rather spend half an hour doing your nails and watching reruns of your favorite show. Start with things you enjoy and simply make time for them throughout the evening.

Taking care of yourself also means taking care of your skin, so finding hydrating products that nourish and soothe your skin can give you the balance you’re looking for. Luckily, skincare doesn’t have to be complicated or require tons of steps.

At Journ, we know you’re busy. The little time you have to devote to your evening routine is precious. That's why all of our products are easy to use, don’t require any extra products or tools, and do two jobs in one. 

If you’re looking for skincare that also acts as a color corrector, try Alpenglow. If you’re looking for moisture and cleansing hand sanitizing, try ALSO

Other Evening Routine Tips 

When it comes to your evening routine, it’s not about being the best or getting it perfect. It’s simply about doing what’s best for you and finding balance. While you clean up the dishes or get your kids ready for the next day, light some candles or put on some relaxing music. While you stay up late preparing a presentation for the next day, put on a kettle of tea and do a face mask! 

You can also try things like soothing yoga, breathing techniques, or journaling. Get in your most comfortable pajamas, turn on soothing sounds like rainforest sounds or sound bath meditation, and let yourself relax.

And remember, it’s a process. Be kind to yourself as you figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. You may not have the same evening routine as someone else, but this is okay! Catering your routine to balance your life is the key.

Drawing Your Night to a Close 

The best part about your evening routine is that it not only sets the tone for the night but it sets the tone for the next morning. The things that nourish your mind and body will support your mental and emotional health the next day, too.


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