Sara Shah surrounded by flowers gazing up to the sky with a smile


Journ was born through my personal journey with acne and the scars it left behind.

As a busy lawyer, I was frustrated with my routine of layering multiple skincare and makeup products to heal and conceal the areas affected. Even after all the effort, I was unable to achieve natural looking, flawless skin. I knew part of the problem was that the industry was not creating efficacious products for the underlying skin concerns experienced by women with medium to deeper skin tones.

So, I founded Journ to create skincare-focused-cosmetics that will conceal specific skin concerns for a flawless look and also help improve them over time.

Our name Journ is an ode to every woman’s unique journey. One we hope to be on alongside them while inspiring and empowering them along the way.

Made with Love and Purpose,

Sara Shah, Founder