Our Journey Begins With Skin

Let's talk about your skin for a second. How do you feel about it when you've taken all your makeup off at the end of the day and you look in the mirror? If you're not pleased with your reflection, it makes sense that when you go to apply makeup the next day, you end up using a ton of products to compensate. Or, does it?

See, what we've been told up to now from the beauty world is that to cover our imperfections, we need to apply layers upon layers of product. The thicker the better. But what ends up happening is that in natural light the product looks too heavy or cakey. This old school way of thinking is also too complicated, time-consuming and expensive. It also doesn't address the original point that our skin is unhappy.

model wearing Kauai

Now for the other side of the coin nobody is addressing - what if you only have imperfections on a small area of your face? It might be that you have dark circles or acne scarring around the chin. But what if the rest of your complexion is glowing? Why is it that we slather on heavy coverage across the entire face, when so often it's just not necessary? This well-favored method of makeup application prevents our natural beauty from shining through. It also wastes our expensive cosmetics.

Here at Journ, we've gone back to the drawing board so you don't have to. After much thought, testing and development, we're proud to present to you our color correcting solution that simultaneously delivers targeted skincare ingredients, to help treat the underlying cause of the problem. Whether you suffer from acne scars, redness or irritated skin, discover the magic of letting your skin breathe while treating it at the same time, instead of simply covering it up without seeing an improvement.

We believe less really is more. Our color correctors only require a thin layer of product that's targeted right where you need it. By applying only what you need, you don't have to spend hours (or $$$!) on using multiple products to conceal your imperfections. The result will dramatically speed up your morning routine, giving you back your time and energy to focus on what really matters. It's time to start your day with a simple beauty routine that leaves you feeling fresh and glowing, even if you're short on time.

model demonstrating Marrakech plus light foundation

Our color correctors have been designed by an equally busy mom to allow you to do just that. The nucleus of each product is efficacious skincare with high-performance makeup built around it. By neutralizing the imperfection, it will eliminate the need for layers of heavy concealer and foundation. We can't wait for you to try Journ for yourself to discover simplicity in your beauty routine!