What Are The Benefits Of Color Correcting?

Take a look at your face without any makeup on. You may have noticed that it’s not the same universal shade, especially if you have dark circles, pigmentation or scarring. Typically, what most of us do to remedy this, is cover the entire face with a single shade of (thick!) foundation. However, this means we need to use heavier products to conceal the differences in shades. When you think about it, all we are doing is smothering our skin and wasting what are usually expensive products.

With Journ Correct & Perfect, you can subtly yet effectively correct areas of discoloration before applying the rest of your makeup. As a result, areas of concern have already been corrected, so you’ll require a much lighter application of makeup. In addition, our products are infused with vitamins and other botanical ingredients such as eucalyptus, jasmine, blueberry and white lily. By creating nourishing formulas combined with color correcting - this helps improve your skin instead of just masking it. Clever, right?!

The best part? It’s super simple to do. In fact, applying Journ Correct & Perfect Color Correctors will actually speed up your routine. By using the color which cancels out your concern, most of the work is already done for you. Whether you are a makeup guru or a complete novice - our products are simple and straightforward to use. Simply apply Correct & Perfect to your area of concern and gently blend it out, either using a brush or the warmth from your fingertips to melt the product into the skin.

For example, have a little redness around your nose or chin? Grab some Dew and place a tiny amount around the areas of concern. You’ll notice the redness subside, meaning you’ll need far less product (and time!) to complete your look. Dew also contains eucalyptus, jasmine and neem and vitamin E. In combination, these ingredients help soothe redness and irritation. So, you’re actually helping to remedy the problem while concealing it too! Each of our correctors targets a different concern, making it a product that truly everyone can benefit from.

On every product page, you’ll notice a guide that will tell you the color of the product and what this helps cancel out. We also provide information to let you know which skin type and tone each corrector is suitable for. So, no complicated guessing game making the process super easy to understand!

We have a choice of five correctors which include Alpenglow, Dew, Kauai, Marrakech and Matcha. If you are still unsure, our friendly customer service team would be more than happy to help you. You can also check out our products in action over on our Instagram.