What Is the Best Color Corrector For Dark Circles?

Whether you’ve been trying out new makeup routines for years or you’re looking to develop your very first style, it’s important to consider the shades and pigmentations on our skin and how they impact our appearance, health, and wellness. We all experience pigmentation below the eyes from time to time, often from inadequate sleep or a diet that doesn’t fully nourish our body’s needs. When we don’t feel comfortable in our skin, it can affect our emotional wellness, as well as the physical. 

Color correctors can help. They work to neutralize some of the discoloration that creates the appearance of shadows below the eyes. Here at Journ, we have what you need to get started. Not only do we carry products that will support you on every stage of your skincare journey, but we also want to provide the resources that make simplifying your routine easier. 

Here’s a look at color correctors and how to pick out the best options for all of your skincare needs. 

What Causes Dark Circles?

We’ve probably all experienced dark circles or shadows below the eye, but what’s the actual cause behind their development and appearance? There are many, many reasons you may be seeing dark circles below your eyes, and understanding the root cause can make it easier to manage and prevent their appearance in the future. 

Here are just a few of the reasons you may be seeing shadows or circles below your eyes. 


One of the most common reasons behind dark circles and shadows below the eyes is fatigue. It’s not uncommon to wake up after a late night and notice some discoloration, and both oversleeping and not getting enough sleep can be the culprit. You may also notice puffiness along with the circles when you don’t get enough sleep. 

Eye Strain

We all spend a lot of time at our computers throughout the day, and it can impact our overall health and wellness. While standing up and walking around is important for our back and our necks, it’s also necessary to step away from the computer for our skin, as well. Eye strain from staring at a screen can cause the blood vessels around the eye to enlarge, which leads to the appearance of dark shadows


Staying properly hydrated is an essential step in any skincare routine, and preventing eye shadows is just one of the reasons why. The skin on the face is thin, and when it isn’t properly moisturized—inside and out—it can take on a dull, pale, or ashen complexion. This also means that any discoloration below the surface of the skin will be more apparent. 

Environmental Factors

If you suffer from seasonal allergies or you’ve spent a significant amount of time in the sun, you may be noticing puffiness, dark circles, and tension surrounding the eye. The skin on the face can be incredibly sensitive, and it’s essential to protect your skin from sun exposure and take soothing medications for your allergies as prescribed. 

Age and Genetics

There are a few causes for dark eyes circles that can be out of our control, including our age and our genetics. While we can’t stop these factors from affecting our skin, we can take steps to reduce their impact and to keep our skin protected and supported against common irritants and damages. 

What Are Color Correctors and How Do They Work?

Once you know the root cause of your under-eye discoloration, it can be easier to find the right product to manage its effects, and color correctors are one of the great options available. 

Color correctors don’t work like concealers or foundations. Rather than trying to cover up the discoloration of the skin, they work to balance and neutralize its appearance with complementary and contrasting colors. 

Each different type of color corrector has its own benefits. For instance, orange is often utilized to reduce the appearance of blue coloring on deeper skin tones, whereas peach will be used for lighter skin tones. Green, used in moderation, can help with redness, and purple helps combat dull, sallow skin. 

What to Look For in a Color Corrector

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when it comes to picking out the best color corrector for your under-eye balancing needs, including some of the following: 

What’s Your Skincare Goal?

Different color correctors have different benefits. If you’re looking to balance skin discoloration below the eye, you’ll probably want to reach for a different shade of corrector than if you’re managing the effects of acne scars and hyperpigmentation. It’s always best to consider your skincare goals before you get started. 

What Is Your Skin Tone and Skin Undertone?

Both skin tone and skin undertone, the color below the surface of the skin, can influence your color correcting options. Do the jewelry test to determine what your skin’s undertone is (i.e., figure out whether gold or silver looks better on you), and always do your research when it comes to picking the right color corrector for your needs. 

Color Correctors at Journ

Here at Journ, we believe that everyone should have access to high-quality and clean skincare products they can trust. Here are some of the color correcting products you’ll find in our shop. 


Keeping in mind that different skin tones have different color correcting needs, Marrakech is a great option for skin tones that range between medium and deep tones, and it comes in a dark, burnt orange shade. In addition to skin color correcting for under-eye shadows, it can be used to manage the effects of hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and spots. 
Marrakech is made with clean ingredients that will support overall skin health and wellness, including Sweet Almond, Carrot Seed, and Rose. 


Kauai is the color correcting product for dark circles best used for skin tones that range from medium to light skin tones. Like Marrakech, it has many uses, including dark circle management, acne and spot care, and hyperpigmentation support, and it comes in a lighter shade of peachy orange

Check out the unique and beautiful ingredients in Kauai, including White Lily, Kukui Nut, and Noni, all of which work to moisturize, rejuvenate, and smooth out your skin. 

Banish Dark Circles for Good

There are many reasons we may be experiencing the effects of dark circles below the eyes, but a color corrector can be an excellent way to balance discoloration and give your skin a smooth and healthy overall look. They come in many shades and can be used for many purposes, all the while giving you confidence in your own skin every day. 

No matter where you are on your skincare journey, Journ is here to help. We’re dedicated to providing clean, healthy products to match all skincare needs, including color correctors for managing the effects of dark circles below the eyes. We also want to ensure that you have the tools and resources you need to apply your favorite products and protect your skin for years to come. That’s why we share tutorials from our expert skincare team

Check out our growing catalog of products like Marrakech and Kauai, which feature soothing ingredients, and begin developing a balancing skincare routine that meets your needs. 


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