Stay At Home Skincare Tips

Whether working at home is your normal setup or whether like most of us it’s your new reality, not leaving the house doesn’t mean you have to skip your skincare too. Having a morning and evening skincare routine can help us prep for the day ahead and then unwind again before bed. Even if you’re staying in comfy clothes, hydrating and nourishing your skin is still an essential step to look and more importantly feel our best.

If that sounds like you then prep that face cloth, as we’ve put together some skincare tips to follow while at home.

A Basic Skincare Routine

If we’ve taught you anything here at Journ is that beauty routines don’t have to be complicated. The same is absolutely true with your skincare too. On the most basic level, a cleanse, tone and moisturize will suffice. Other steps can include serums, oils, masks, and eye cream. The best part is you can customize your routine to your skin’s needs, how much time you have and your budget. There’s really no pressure to go crazy, especially when staying at home all day! The main thing is to at least have a routine in place. This will help to structure the rest of your day around your skincare routine.

Face Oils

If you’re staying home all day then this is a perfect opportunity to nourish your skin with oils. Use on their own or in combination with other products. A Vitamin C oil will help boost dull skin - something most of us will experience when cooped up indoors for a long time. Or you could even go more high-tech with a Votary or Sunday Riley face oil. Don’t be afraid if you have acne-prone skin or even oily skin - oils can be used on all skin types. Look for natural formulas and be sure to avoid mineral oil as it can clog pores. Other than that, you’re good to go!

Facial Massage

Not having to rush out the door to head to the office has its advantages. When it comes to skincare that includes incorporating elements such as facial massage. There are heaps of tutorials using just your hands, sculpting tools or rollers. Massaging your face can help with lymphatic drainage which is great for boosting circulation and reducing puffiness. Most of all it’s a great self-care step. If incorporating an oil even during your cleansing stage your skin will really thank you for it.

To Sum Up

While staying at home means we aren’t facing the world - our face should still be part of our world. Taking the time to cleanse our skin, tone, and hydrate it can make all the difference to how we feel. The best part is if you skip makeup - you can get away with just doing your skincare routine once a day. That leaves you free to apply heavier oils, serums, and treatments than you otherwise could get away with at the office.

If you do want a touch of makeup, Journ’s color correctors actually contain skincare within their formulas. By helping to camouflage areas of discoloration, you can look naturally flawless without the need for heavy makeup. Who wants to be wearing layers of foundation at home anyway? Our method is win-win!