How to Make Friends in College During the Times of COVID

It may feel like normal routines and activities are disrupted due to the pandemic, and to an extent, that is the case. But there are many ways to enjoy events and life experiences while protecting yourself and keeping your family safe. Whether you’re isolating on campus or attending college remotely this year, there are COVID-friendly methods for making friends.

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How to Make Friends in College During COVID 

Whether you’re staying safe on campus or studying from afar this year, making friends can help you adjust to college life faster and easier. You’ll get to enjoy social support and engagement—that is such an important part of the college experience—from other students around the country and around the world. 

Knowing your classmates can also make it easier to boost your study skills and excel in your classes. Here are a few ways to meet other students during the times of COVID. 

Connect in Class

Most classes are still being offered at least partially online, and many video class software programs allow for direct messaging or chatting. 

If you like a point another student has made or want to compliment them on their presentation, don’t be shy. Shoot them a message and share your thoughts or words of kindness. We may not be able to sit next to each other, but we still enjoy the benefits of connecting with and swapping ideas with our classmates

Lean on video apps like Zoom or Google Hangouts to schedule study sessions for as close to an in-person experience as possible. 

Make Online Study Groups

Study groups are helpful for many reasons. They can help you think about new ideas, meet new people, and stay on top of projects and deadlines. Whether your course automatically breaks you into study groups or you form one of your own, try to attend regularly. 

We know video conference fatigue is real but fight through it to really build relationships. You’ll learn a lot from your fellow students and make friends you want to stay in touch with once the semester ends. 

Stay in the Loop 

Your college may already be offering online social programs to help you connect with other students. Actively check out newsletters and bulletins for upcoming lecture series, movie viewings, and even game nights. 

These are the same types of fun, free events you’d be attending while on campus, and there are plenty of great opportunities to meet students who share your interests. 

Create Group Chats 

Group chats are essential for keeping up momentum outside the classroom. You can create large WhatsApp or text groups for the students in your field of study, which is helpful for sharing news and discussing future course options, or create smaller chats of people you want to stay in touch with outside of the classroom. 

WhatsApp, Discord, and Messenger are all great ways to communicate with your classmates and future friends, and your college may even already have a platform in place to help you get started. Don’t be afraid to get the ball rolling and see if anyone wants to join your online community. 

Join Online Happy Hours and Coffee Chats 

Video isn’t reserved for class time. You can host or join happy hour sessions or morning coffee chats with friends, depending on your schedule. This is a great way to connect in a face-to-face but low-pressure environment, and you can really get to know the people you’re studying with. 

If you’re in a class where you have a big paper due, consider planning a party after the final project is in, so you can all celebrate together. Meeting for a quick get-to-know-you after your first online class isn’t a bad idea either and can set you up for success as the semester unfolds. 

Meet Safely Outdoors

If you are on campus or live close enough to visit, consider a COVID-safe meeting outdoors in a park or garden. You can maintain safety protocol but still enjoy the opportunity to connect and meet with your classmates and friends face-to-face. 

Outdoor events like hikes or picnics can also be a way to share some of your favorite activities with folks who might enjoy them, as well. You could always meet at a park and bring your own snacks and picnic blanket!

Friendships in the Time of COVID

Making college friends in the time of COVID may feel a little strange, but with a few small changes, you can build the same relationships if there was no pandemic. College is a great opportunity to meet new people and build friendships that outlast school. 

New social media platforms and video sessions have made it easier to get over than initial worry. Staying connected with your classmates and peers is more important than ever and will have long-lasting benefits as you continue your field of study both remotely and on-campus. 

There are many different ways to connect and engage with new college friends, like Messenger, group chats, happy hours, and more, so explore your many options and find a method that best fits your needs as you take these exciting new steps on your journey. 

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