We Must Take Action for Palestine

Dear Journ Family,

We cannot continue to watch the horror in Palestine without taking action.

While there is now a ceasefire, the terrifying experience of living through airstrikes continues on. Families now work to rebuild, access medicine, clean drinking water and find shelter, after the worst violence in years.

We will always stand against injustice and promise to be an active part of our global community. 

If you are looking for educational resources, or to take action in solidarity with the people of Palestine, we have compiled the following list:

Charities we're donating to

Petitions we're signing

Books we're reading

Documentaries we're watching

  • Against the Wall
  • Al Nakba
  • Area C
  • Born in 48
  • Forbidden Pilgrimage
  • Gaza Left in the Dark
  • Lost Cities of Palestine
  • Last Shepherd of the Valley

We hope that the global community will support Palestine to build a future of peace, dignity, justice and security.