Vegan Skincare That Works!

There are many different approaches to finding a skincare routine that meets your needs, and there are many benefits to exploring your options and trying new products as you aim to support your body’s overall health and wellness. 

When we take good care of our skin, it can positively impact us in many ways, both physically and emotionally. Finding the best new tools for your morning or evening routine goes a long way to helping you feel comfortable and confident in your skin. 

Journ is here to help on every step of the journey. We believe in a comprehensive approach to skincare and wellness, and one of the ways we meet that goal is through the development of vegan skincare products that have a high impact on your wellness and a low impact on the Earth. 

Whether you’ve been using vegan skincare products for years or you want to see if they’re a good fit for you, explore this guide to finding and testing out vegan skin products and practices, and begin creating your perfect routine. 

Benefits to Using Vegan Skincare Products

You may be wondering if swapping your current routine to a vegan-focused one is worth the time and energy, and we get it. But the truth is that there are many benefits to exploring the growing options for vegan skincare and employing some of these great products in your daily routine. Here are just a few of the advantages of a vegan skincare approach. 

Vegan Skincare Is Sustainable

As we all work toward a more sustainable way of living, it’s important to consider the products we use in our homes and our routines. Sustainable living and reducing our impact on the environment can be managed through the food we eat, the stores we shop at, and even the soaps and lotions we use on our skin. 

Many skincare products use materials that break down into microplastics, which go down the drain and often end up in the ocean or the land. Microplastics can be harmful to animals and local flora, and they aren’t great for our physical health, either. While it’s always important to do your research and look into the products you’re using, vegan products are often mostly, if not entirely, biodegradable, ethically sourced, and small batch. Replacing one bottle in the bathroom may not seem like a big deal, but when we all make small changes, it can mean a huge outcome. 

Vegan Skincare Products Are Good For the Animals

Of course, the vegan lifestyle aims to reduce harm to animals, and vegan products help to do that in many ways. Not only do they avoid any animal byproducts completely, but vegan products also aren’t tested on animals, which means you’ll have peace of mind when you use all of your favorite products. 

Another benefit of the sustainability of vegan products is that they can actually help to protect the environments and food sources where many wild animals live. By helping to reduce the causes of climate change, we can support animal health in the wild for many years to come.  

Vegan Products Have Fewer Additives and Chemicals

In general, vegan products have significantly fewer ingredients than non-vegan products do. To that effect, you can trust that your vegan skincare products are going to have fewer additives and chemicals, the kind that often irritate sensitive skin

If you have a pre-existing skin condition or you’re just managing the effects of sensitive skin, vegan skincare products may be a great option for you. Of course, you should always double-check your products, but it’s a worthwhile consideration. 

Vegan Skincare Is Often Rich in Vitamins and Nutrients

Vegan skincare products substitute traditional skincare ingredients with natural materials in most instances, and what’s better for our skin than what’s already growing in the garden? When we take advantage of naturally occurring ingredients, we get to enjoy the many health and wellness benefits that Mother Nature already offers, which can contribute to healthy, glowing skin.  

Vegan Skincare That Works

There are so many different ways to incorporate vegan skincare into your routine, and it can be a little overwhelming to get started. We love brands like Andalou Naturals, Derma E, and Dirty Lamb, because you can trust what ingredients they’re using. Here are some of our favorite routines and products for getting gorgeous, glowing skin with a vegan-centric approach. 

Vegan Skincare Products

Here are just a few of the vegan skincare products that you’ll find at Journ. 

ALSO Daily Moisturizer: The ALSO Daily Moisturizer is the perfect addition to any routine. It utilizes great ingredients like Hibiscus, Jojoba, and Shea Butter and can be used for both hydration and protection since it doubles as a hand sanitizer. 

Marrakech: Individuals who are managing the effects of acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and skin discoloration are sure to love Marrakech. It’s made with ingredients including Sweet Almond, Carrot Seed, and Rose. 

Alpenglow: You’ll be able to brighten dull or sallow skin, even out your skin tone , and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles with Alpenglow. The vegan formula is also packed with nutrients and antioxidants, since it’s made with Grapefruit, Blueberry, and Daisy. 

Step Up Your Vegan Skincare Routine

You can also incorporate some creative and wonderful steps into your vegan skincare routine that will save you time and money and keep your skin healthy and safe. 

Here are a few routines and practices you’ll want to consider when switching to vegan skincare. 

Don’t Throw Away Your Current Products

If you realize that your current product isn’t vegan, don’t feel obligated to toss it and replace it immediately. Instead, use all the cleanser or moisturizer in the bottle to avoid unnecessary waste before you replace it. If it’s not the right product for your needs, consider passing it onto a friend. 

Find Your Local Refill Shop

Refill shops have become increasingly popular, and they’re showing up around the country. If you have a local fill-up store where you can purchase skin and hair care products without the plastic, take advantage of it! Save your old glasses and jars for the next time you need shampoo. 

Always Check the Ingredients

It seems like the options for vegan skincare are limitless, but not all products are created the same. It’s always important to self-edify when it comes to vegan routines and practices. Learn about what products are safe, reliable, and sustainable and what ingredients you need to watch out for. Do your research to make sure a vegan product is the right fit for you. 

Make Your Own

One of the most sustainable skincare practices is to make your own products. Of course, some products are easier to make than others, but foot scrubs and body butters can all be made easily and without spending a lot of money. 

Share With Friends

When you find a product or practice that’s really working for you, let your loved ones know about it. It can feel challenging to incorporate vegan practices into your routine. Having guidance and great options as a reference can help mitigate some of their concerns. Introduce them to your favorite vegan brands and share what you’ve learned about vegan skincare practices, so they can spread the word, as well. 

Vegan Skincare Can Change the Game

When it comes to a vegan lifestyle, we often think about the things we eat and the clothes we wear, but we can also incorporate vegan options into our skincare routine, and there are many reasons to consider making the switch. 

Using vegan products can help to reduce your impact on the environment, protect animals, and keep your skin healthy, smooth, and protected for a long time to come. They’re made with fewer additives and chemicals but chock full of the nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that you can count on. 

Swapping out some of your favorite skincare products for vegan options is easier than it might seem, and Journ is here to help every step of the way. Explore our growing catalog of vegan skincare options like ALSO moisturizer and our line of color correctors, check out local filling shops to reduce plastic use, and consider making some of your own products at home.

No matter what stage of your vegan skincare journey you may be on, we have what you need. In addition to vegan skincare products, we’re also sharing tutorials and guides for getting the looks you love every time and for finding safe, reliable, and beautiful skincare products to fit your lifestyle. Get ready to enjoy comfort, confidence, and joy in your new look every day. 


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